Q: What is MOVE?

A: An annual performing arts competition. Pupils get the opportunity to perform on stage for an audience and get graded on their performance by experts in the dance field. If they make top marks in the regional round, they move on to the national round

Q: Where is it?
A: Sea Point Civic Centre is right next door the Sea Point Library
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Q: When is it?
A: 9th – 21st September 2019. Keep in mind, ages 5-10yrs usually compete from 12pm on a week day. They will only dance once

Q: Entry fee?
A: R200 registration fee per pupil (cash only) PLUS R250 per item entered

Q: May parents watch?
A: Yes, there is a small entry fee at the door per session. Three sessions per day. Dancers watch for free

Q: How do we know if we are in the national round?
A: They move on to nationals if they are awarded a Bronze, Silver or Gold. Contact VerneĀ“or Alicia after your child’s performance. Studio Set dances do not move on to nationals

Q: What is the difference between a studio set dance and a competition solo?
A: A studio set dance is that specific studio’s choreography where all the studios of that age category do the same dance, individually on stage. A competition solo is based on who qualified to enter this section and each solo is different.

Q: When are the nationals and may we watch?
A: the last weekend of the competition

This entry fee is higher. Tickets also available at the door. Parents encouraged to support Outline
in the Final

Q: What about costumes and hair etc?
A: Parents discretion on costume. Run it by me first if you’re buying something new. Hair and make is pupils responsibility. Advise on this will be given closer to time

Q: Transport?
A: Parent/pupil own responsibility. Pupils must be dropped one hour prior to performance in the Outline dressing room next to the parking lot on the side of the building. Parents will not be allowed on stage and must collect their child from the dressing room once I am back in the dressing room from the stage

Q: Who puts my child on stage?
A: We, the teachers, are on stage with the pupils, making it a secure and exciting experience for them.

Q: Food and drink?
A: There is a lovely canteen in the foyer of the competition where food and drinks may be bought

Q: Video and photo?
A: The eisteddfod committee will ask you to leave should you video or photograph, even if it is with your cellphone. A video can be ordered after the eisteddfod through the studio and photographs may be taken in the dressing room