Outline Dance Centre believes success is a process and a product of criticism from others and oneself. In dance class, corrections are very public. The teacher cannot always say everything in the gentlest way. With a class full of students, she needs to be concise and clear. The teachers who give the most honest corrections are the ones learned from the most. At Outline we take class mindfully. Work hard. Bring passion into the studio. Pupils are encouraged to be curious about how to get better and ask questions. 

Outline believes that not only one influence, but instead many, make a great dancer. Principal, Verné, is not afraid to expose and import into the studio, fellow professionals, to further benefit the dance growth of her pupils.

Dance exams are taken in the international method with Outline belonging to the Association of International Dance Teachers.  ‘Outliners’ received 100% pass rate over the last 20 years and a consistent studio exam average of 70%. Outline is also the only studio in the basin to have of its pupils achieve the modern ‘solo performers’ exam, where pupils first need an invite from the AIDT board, after taking their advanced examination. Outline has been ranked top 10 in the world IDO championships, held in Germany and has obtained several provincial awards. 

True dance-art is not a ‘copy-paste’ method and pupils who are taught in this way do not have a legitimate future on the professional stage.  Our proper technical training, by a principal who keeps evolving, is most beneficial to the pupil. Pupils are not just  ‘numbers’ and the teachers and principal at Outline Dance Centre understand individuality and how to properly nurture it.  We pride ourselves in our dancers not being replicas of one other due to the personalized approach within group training its pupils receive. We embrace and encourage diverse and free-thinking but do not tolerate ‘divas’ and understand that the best dancers are the ones who are humble and never want to stop growing. 

Team-work and fellowship are important at Outline Dance Centre, where our beautifully built, sprung floor, studio is a place of encouragement and respect for one another. We believe competition is healthy and our pupils are taught to take their wins and losses, with grace.

Dancers are also taught how to dance from within, something often overlooked by many tutors, which explains why Outline dancers stand out from the rest.  Outline dancers have that something special!

At Outline, dancers transition onto the professional stage with ease, due to the unique way in which the dancers are trained and the superb level of 33 years experience its principal has obtained.